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Founders and Governance of IETI
IETI (International Engineering and Technology Institute) operates under a structured governance model to ensure the organization's strategic direction, operational efficiency, and academic excellence. The governance framework includes the Board of Presidents, Board of Governors, IETI Council, Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors, Executive Committee, and Senior Management. This model facilitates collaboration among global experts to foster advancements in engineering and technology.

IETI Presidents

I. Board of Governors

1.1 Chairmen and Advisors and Co-Founders of IETI

1.2 Members and Advisors

1.3 Secretary-General of IETI

1.4 Deputy Secretary-General of IETI

1.5 Executive Director and Co-Founder of IETI

II. IETI Council

2.1 Chairpersons and Co-Founders IETI

2.2 Council Members

2.3 Council Secretaries

III. Board of Directors

Presidents and Co-Founders of IETI

IV. Board of Supervisors

President and Co-Founder of IETI

V. Executive Committee

Chair and Co-Founder of IETI

VI. Senior Management

Honorary Chairs and Emeritus Presidents and Advisors and Co-Founders and Distinguished Fellows of IETI

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Founders and Governance