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IETI Presidents

I. Board of Governors

1.1 Chairmen and Advisors and Co-Founders of IETI

1.2 Members and Advisors

1.3 Secretary-General of IETI

1.4 Deputy Secretary-General of IETI

1.5 Executive Director and Co-Founder of IETI

II. IETI Council

2.1 Chairpersons and Co-Founders IETI

2.2 Council Members

2.3 Council Secretaries

III. Board of Directors

Presidents and Co-Founders of IETI

IV. Board of Supervisors

President and Co-Founder of IETI

V. Executive Committee

Chair and Co-Founder of IETI

VI. Senior Management

Honorary Chairs and Emeritus Presidents and Advisors and Co-Founders and Distinguished Fellows of IETI

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Board of Directors
Board of Supervisors
Founders and Governance