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I. Basic Information

Established in 2015, the International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI) is a non-profit (No Membership / Fellowship Fees) international academic organization including 6 Nobel Prize Laureates, 2 Turing Award Laureates, 1 Fields Medal Laureate, 2 Wolf Prize Laureate, 2 John Bates Clark Medal Laureates, 1 MacArthur Fellowship Laureate, 1 Oscar Award Laureate, and 1 King Faisal International Prize Laureate, 100+ Academicians, 30+ ACM / IEEE Fellows. Key Members of IETI are from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Oxford University, University of Cambridge, University of California - Berkeley, Princeton University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Yale University, Imperial College London, University of Chicago, etc. It has two brother organizations: the International Research Institute of Economic Management (IRIEM, led by 2 Nobel Prize Laureates in Economics) and the Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (IDSAI). IETI takes engineering and science application, technology and science innovations, and sustainable social science as its goals; chooses general education as its vision to promote the coordinated development of natural sciences, engineering sciences, and social sciences. IETI has diversified cooperation with more than 100 Organizations (universities, academies of sciences, research institutes, etc.) from Europe, America, Africa, Oceania, and Asia, and appeared on the top 100 ranking university websites (news, libraries or professors' personal web pages) , it can be seen that it is widely recognized by the world.

II. Team Presidents

In the process of management, construction and development of IETI, a presidium led by international scientists has gradually formed. At present, there are more than 10 academicians co-managed it. Some Presidents include:
IETI Leaders can be found at: http://www.ieti.net/about/Founders.html
IETI Presidents can be found at: http://www.ieti.net/about/Presidents.aspx
All IDSAI Presidents can be found at: http://www.idsai.org/about/Presidents.aspx
All IRIEM Presidents can be found at: http://www.iriem.org/about/Presidents.aspx

III. Our Aim

The aim of IETI is to conduct collaborative interdisciplinary science, engineering and technology within its areas of expertise, and support engineering and technology innovations to meet the needs of society. In addition to traditional science / engineering / technology disciplines, IETI includes Financial Engineering, Financial Econometrics, Financial Statistics, and Mathematics, Statistics, Social Sciences and Business.
1 Honor outstanding experts and scholars in various fields. Elect excellent Professors to be Fellow / Distinguished Fellow, and give Scientific Award to leading expert in the world.
2 Organize academic activities to promote exchanges between experts and scholars around the world. Invite experts and scholars from around the world to join international activities.
3 Provide a publishing platform for scholars from all over the world, including international conferences and international journals.
4 Free membership services for researchers around the world.

IV. Our Events

IETI annually cooperates with academic institutions around the world in international conferences and forums. Some examples are as follows:

Engineering Science Event

International Conference on Intelligent Information Processing (ICIIP), co-organized by Romanian Academy, Center for Mountain Economics, Romanian Academy, Center for Financial and Monetary Research—Victor Slăvescu, Romanian-American University.

Natural Science Event

International Conference on Materials, Mechanical Engineering and Food Technology (MEF), co-organized by NanoFemto Lab, Canada, Center for Advanced Diffusion-Wave and Photoacoustic Technologies (CADIPT), MIE, UToronto, Canda, Hohai University Institute of Physics, China, Interactions, Dynamics, and Energetics in the Atmosphere (IDEA) Team, PSU, USA, Integrated Energy Solutions for Entrepreneurs (IESE) Program, PSU, USA, WUT Nano Key Lab, China, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIU, USA.

Social Science Event

International Conference on Economics, Finance and Statistics (ICEFS) ,co-organized with MPDI-JRFM, with joint supports from Sustainable Real Estate Research Center of Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Department of Sport and Physical Education of Hong Kong Baptist University, European University Cyprus (Cyprus), Rattanakosin International College of Creative Entrepreneurship of Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin (Thailand), Center for Financial and Monetary Research of Romanian Academy (Romania), College of Humanities and Creativity of National Chin-Yi University of Technology (Taiwan), University Giustino Fortunato (Italy), Algebra University College (Croatia), School of Technology and Management, Porto Polytechnic (Portugal).

V. Our Publications

IETI publishes international journals, monographs and books independently or in cooperation. Some examples are as follows:

Engineering Science Journal

IETI Transactions on Ergonomics and Safety[TES]
IETI and Ergonomics Society of Serbia

Social Science Journal

Journal of Risk and Financial Management[JRFM]
IETI and MDPI (indexed by WOS/ESCI)

VI. Our Fellows

Every year, IETI will elect fellows (the highest honor of IETI / IDSAI / IRIEM) to recognize outstanding scientists (natural scientists, engineering scientists, and social scientists). These outstanding scientists have demonstrated extraordinary strengths in their respective fields and helped the development of IETI.
IETI Fellows: http://www.ieti.net/memberships/Fellows.aspx
IRIEM Fellows: http://www.iriem.org/memberships/Fellows.aspx
IDSAI Fellows: http://www.idsai.org/memberships/Fellows.aspx

VII. Our Awards

In order to commend the outstanding scientists, IETI will elect 1-4 scientists every year and give Annual Science Award (ASA). Some of the award-winning experts are as follows:

IETI Annual Scientific Award: http://www.ieti.net/awards/AnnualScientficAward.aspx

IX. Cooperation & Sponsorship

We are looking for high quality sponsors / cooperative partners in the world, and we believe that our cooperation will provide a best platform to advertise your brand and value. All sponsors/partners are included in the list of Partners, which means that any of our related activities/publishing can enjoy priority and discounts in the future.
Option 1: We welcome you to organize international conferences with us. We can also sign MOU for both sides.
Option 2: You can become our sponsor, and we will do our best to support you with commercial opportunity and additional publicity.
For more details, please email: info@ieti.net.

X. Calendar of Activities

Basic activities, taking 2021 as an example:
By mid-January 2021, complete the announcement of 2020 annual science award winners.
Before mid-February 2021, complete the 2021 fellowship announcement.
Before March 31, 2021, complete the layout of 2022 international academic activities.
Before September 30, 2021, complete the nomination of 2021 annual science award winners.
Before October 31, 2021, complete the nomination of the 2022 fellowship candidates.
Before November 30, 2021, complete the 2021 annual science award winner election.
Before December 31, 2021, the 2022 membership election will be completed.
Before December 31, 2021, the 2021 directors and supervisors will be added.

XI. Join Us (No Membership / Fellowship Fees)

Please visit: link.

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