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    IETI Transactions on Engineering Research and Practice (ISSN: 2616-1699) is an international journal, which covers all aspects of engineering. It involves various topics that relate to the main branches of engineering, such are mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, software engineering, systems engineering, chemical engineering, including also interdisciplinary engineering area. Papers from all subareas of engineering are welcome, for example, those that relate to manufacturing engineering, electronic engineering, industrial engineering, power plant engineering, architectural engineering, traffic engineering, vehicle engineering, environmental engineering, aerospace engineering, railway engineering, mechatronics engineering, nuclear engineering, petroleum engineering, agricultural engineering, acoustical engineering, thermal engineering, energy engineering, human factors engineering, biomedical engineering, nanoengineering, sports engineering, computer engineering, web engineering, military engineering, textile engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, mining engineering, water resources engineering, optical engineering, power engineering, etc.

    IETI Transactions on Engineering Research and Practice (2616-1699) publishes (2 issues per year) original research papers, case studies, review papers and short communications. The publisher is International Engineering and Technology Institute. The length of the paper is not crucial, the accent is on the quality.

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