IETI Transactions on Ergonomics and Safety

ISSN 2520-5439

DOI: 10.6722/TES

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Zunjic

2020 Volume 4 Issue 1

Generations at work in the post-pandemic time (full text in pdf)
Irina Mohoraa, Horațiu-Florin Soimb, Sebastian Capotescuc
Ergonomics & Workplace Management Society, Romania, 300133 Timisoara, Simion Barnutiu 28,,
Abstract The Generations@Work research started in February 2019 as a result of the challenges caused by the aging phenomenon, the lack of skilled people and, in general, that there are difficulties for integrating new generations (called in many cases “digital natives”). Our aim was to identify better soft solutions to improve the cooperation between different generations and to identify the best workspaces that facilitate intergenerational cooperation. The research was split into two sections, first focused on the soft solutions identifications and second in the suitable workspaces identification. In the first section, we had 44 people from different generations deeply involved that worked in 7 mix teams with the subject work motivation analyses between different generations and also applying a survey about work motivation to a largest group of people. In the second section with the topic to define better workspaces for different generations, we had involved 2 mixt generations teams, each one had integrated at least one architect or interior designer. The second section was developed, partly, in the normal time and, while the last part, in the pandemic time. Consequently, the topic was adjusted to the situation and the focus was to find good work solutions between generations in the pandemic time but also in the post-pandemic time. The digital natives’ integration challenges are provided especially by the different cultural identities and also by different skills set that the members of this generation have. The human society, in general, and organizations, in particular, need that all generations live and work together. The research proved that different skills set is certainly a positive value and the diversity is a key element for innovations independently by the general situation (pandemic or not). With a suitable mind set up and suitable tools and spaces, we can work together to pass the pandemic time for a better “Future of Work”.
Keywords: Future of work; workplace; workspace; generations; work motivation.