Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (if 8.05) Accepted IETI DFs' Paper


1 Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (if 8.05) Accepted the Paper from Chia-Lin Chang and Michael McAleer. RSER is a Top Journal that published by Elsevier.

The following is the acceptance letter:

Ms. Ref. No.:  RSER-D-16-01815R1
Title: Modelling Volatility Spillovers for Bio-ethanol, Sugarcane and Corn Spot and Futures Prices
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews

Dear Professor Chia-Lin Chang,

I am pleased to inform you that your paper "Modelling Volatility Spillovers for Bio-ethanol, Sugarcane and Corn Spot and Futures Prices" has been accepted for publication in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews.

Your accepted manuscript will now be transferred to our production department and work will begin on creation of the proof. If we need any additional information to create the proof, we will let you know. If not, you will be contacted again in the next few days with a request to approve the proof and to complete a number of online forms that are required for publication.

Below are comments from the editor and reviewers.

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You will be receiving further communication from us shortly. Thank you for submitting your paper to us.

Yours sincerely,

Lawrence L. Kazmerski, Ph.D.
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews

2 According to the latest Economist Rankings, Chia-Lin Chang and Michael McAleer ranked TOP 800 in the world. And 4 DFs of IETI listed in the rankings.


IETI Distinguished Fellow: Michael McAleer - 64 (World Ranking)

IETI Distinguished Fellow: Chia-Lin Chang - 767 (World Ranking)

IETI Distinguished Fellow: Robert Taylor - 864 (World Ranking)

IETI Distinguished Fellow: Philip Hans Franses - 1086 (World Ranking)