2 Professors were elected as IETI Fellows.


May 06, 2017, 2 Professors were elected as IETI Fellows.. They come from Hong Kong and USA. They are:

Ramesh K. Agarwal - Distinguished Fellow of IETI

1975: Ph.D. Aeronautical Sciences, Stanford University, USA
1969: M.S. Aeronautical Engineering, University of Minnesota, USA
1968: B. Tech (Hons.) Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India
1965: B.Sc. University of Allahabad, India

Employment History (including administrative positions)
2001- present: William Palm Professor of Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL)
2001- present: Director, Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (WUSTL)
2002-present: Director, MO Statewide Aerospace Research and Education Center (AeREC)
2003-present: Director, Aerospace Engineering Program (WUSTL)
2005-2009: Director, Nanotechnology Minor in School of Engineering (WUSTL)
2007-present: Director, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Transportation Laboratory (WUSTL)
2011-present: Faculty Fellow, Institute of Public Health (WUSTL)
2011-present: Affiliate Faculty, Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences (WUSTL)
1996-2001: Executive Director, National Institute for Aviation Research and Sam Bloomfield Distinguished Professor, Wichita State University (WSU)
1994-1996: Sam Bloomfield Distinguished Professor and Chair, Aerospace Engineering (WSU)
1995-2001: Director, KS Statewide Aircraft Design & Manufacturing Research Center (ADMRC)
1997-2001: Director, FAA Airworthiness Assurance Center of Excellence
1999-2001: Director, Kansas/NASA Small Aircraft Transportation System (KSATS)
2000-2001: Director, FAA Center of Excellence for General Aviation Research (CEGAR)
1978-1994: Program Director and MDC Fellow, McDonnell Douglas Research Laboratories
1976-1978: NRC Research Associate, NASA-Ames Research Center
1975-1976: Rao & Associates Inc., Palo Alto, CA

Awards/Special attainments (chronological order)
• ASEE Isadore T. Davis Award (2016)
• ASEE Archie Higdon Distinguished Mechanics Educator Award (2016)
• ASME Fluids Engineering Division 90th Anniversary Medal (2016)
• AIAA Reed Aeronautics Award (2015) – Highest Award bestowed by AIAA
• SAE Medal of Honor (2015) – Highest Award bestowed by SAE
• SAE Excellence in Engineering Education Award (2014)
• SAE Aerospace Engineering Leadership Award (2013)
• SAE International Leadership Award (2013)
• ASEE Distinguished Service Award (2013)
• IET U.K Heaviside Medal for Contributions to Control Theory (2012)
• ASME Dedicated Service Award (2012)
• AIAA Thermophysics Award (2011)
• SAE John Connors Environmental Award (2011)
• ASME Edwin F. Church Medal (2011)
• Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Distinguished Alumnus Award (2011)
• SAE Clarence L. (Kelly) Johnson Aerospace Vehicle Design & Development Award (2010)
• SAE Franklin Kolk Progress in Air Transportation Award (2010)
• AIAA/ASEE John Leland Atwood Award (2010)
• AIAA Lindbergh Award (2010)
• SAE McFarland Award (2010)
• WUSTL-SEAS Association of Graduate Engineering Student’s Big Fish Award (2010)
• AIAA/SAE William Littlewood Lecture Award (2009)
• James B. Eads Award of Academy of Science of St. Louis (2009)
• AIAA Aerodynamics Award (2008)
• Missouri academy of Science Outstanding Scientist Award (2008)
• Royal Aeronautical Society Gold Award (2006)
• ASME Charles Russ Richards Memorial Award (2006)
• Missouri Academy of Science “Most Distinguished Scientist Award” (2003)
• AIAA Civic Service Award (2003)
• AIAA Sustained Technical Achievement Award (2002)
• ASME Fluids Engineering Award (2001)
• WSU President’s Award for Distinguished Service (1998)
• AIAA Engineer of the Year Award (1998)
• University of Kansas Irving Youngberg Research Award in Applied Sciences (1998)
• WSU Excellence in Research Award (1998)
• WSU College of Engineering Award for Continuing Education (1996)
• AIAA Distinguished Lecturer (1996-1999; 2011-2015)
• ASME Distinguished Lecturer (1994-1997)
• IEEE Distinguished Lecturer (1994 - 2015)
• ASEE Distinguished Lecturer (2010)
• ACM Distinguished Speaker (2011- )
• APS Distinguished Speaker of Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics (1995-2008)
• Many other awards from AIAA, ASME, IEEE, SAE and SME St. Louis and Wichita Sections

Fellowships in Professional Societies
HFRAeS: Honorary Fellow, Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), U.K
FAAAS: Fellow, American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS)
FAPS: Fellow, American Physical Society (APS)
FIOP: Fellow, Institute of Physics (IOP), U.K
FAIAA: Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
FCSAA: International Fellow, Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CSAA), China
FIEEE: Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
FASME: Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
FSME: Fellow, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
FSAE: Fellow, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
FASCE: Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
FAAM: Fellow, American Academy of Mechanics(AAM)
FASEE: Fellow, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
FIET: Fellow, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), U.K
FEI: Fellow, Energy Institute (EI), U.K
FMASc: Fellow, Missouri Academy of Science
FAScSTL: Fellow, Academy of Science of St. Louis
FNYAS: Fellow, New York Academy of Science
FKAS: Fellow, Kansas Academy of Science
FWIF: Fellow, World Innovation Foundation (WIF)
HFAIEM: Honorary Fellow, Australian Institute of Energetic Materials

Yiu-ming Cheung - Fellow of IETI

Yiu-ming Cheung is a Full Professor of Department of Computer Science at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), Hong Kong. He received PhD degree from Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2000, and then joined the Department of Computer Science at HKBU in 2001. He is currently the Associate Programme Director of MSc in Advanced Information Systems, and the Associate Director of Institute of Computational and Theoretical Studies in HKBU. He is an IET / IEE Fellow and British Computer Society (BCS) Fellow, and the “Chu Tian Scholars (楚天學者)” in China.

His research interests include Computational Intelligence, Statistical Learning, Intelligent Visual Computing, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, and Watermarking. He has published over 200 articles in the high-quality conferences and journals, including IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on SMC (Part B), Pattern Recognition, and so on. Moreover, he has been granted one Chinese patent and two US patents. In particular, selected from 1000 new inventions and products of 700+ competition teams from 40 countries, he was awarded two most prestigious prizes: (1) the Gold Medal with Distinction (i.e. the highest grade in Gold Medals) and (2) Swiss Automobile Club Prize, in the 45th International Exhibition of Invention, Geneva, Switzerland, on March 29-April 2, 2017, upon his excellent innovative work and the potential for making huge social and economic impact. In addition, he was the recipient of the Best Research Paper Award in IEEE IWDVT’2015 and ICNC-FSKD’2014, respectively, and the recipient of 2011 Best Research Award in Department of Computer Science, HKBU.

He is the Founding Chairman of IEEE (Hong Kong) Computational Intelligence Chapter and the current Vice Chair of Technical Committee on Intelligent Informatics (TCII) of IEEE Computer Society. He has served in various capacities (e.g., Organizing Committee Chair, Program Committee Chair, Financial Chairetc.) at several top-tier international conferences, including IEEE-sponsored WCCI’2016, ICDM’2017 & ICDM’2006, WI-IAT2012 & WI-IAT’2006. Currently, he is the Associate Editor of several prestigious journals, including IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Pattern Recognition, Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS), and International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, as well as the Guest Co-editor in several international journals.