January 1 2017, Happy New Year 2017 .

As we approach the end of 2016, it is timely to review the successes of the International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI). There have been four major milestones: 

1) ICETI 2016, 3 Presidents joined the co-chairs, and was indexed by CPCI: http://www.ieti.net/news20161229.html 

2) ICEMI 2016, was indexed by CPCI: http://www.ieti.net/news20161027.html and ICEMI 2017 will be held in Bangkok.

3) ISCEE 2016 was held in Wuhan: http://www.ieti.net/news20161220.html 

4) ICIIP 2016 was held in Wuhan: http://www.ieti.net/news20161224.html   

The New Year gives us a time for hope and renewal; thoughts and actions to take us forward well into the 21st century. 'No man is an island', and it is only by working together, sharing and understanding our different cultures and behaviours, that we can make our individual contributions greater than the sum of their parts.

So very best wishes to all IETI members for a Happy and Successful New Year, and may 2017 bring all your hopes and wishes to fruition.

IETI Co-Presidents

The western New Year is one of the biggest and important holidays and renewal periods every year. 

The year is new, our hopes are refreshed anew, our resolutions and spirits are new.

IETI continues to grow from strength to strength, with an increasing membership, and the inclusion of several IETI conferences in international compendia, including CPCI in the Web of Science, ACM Publishing, IET Publishing and Atlantis Publishing.

Many thanks to all the members who have contributed in so many ways to IETI activities throughout the year, including the submission of papers to IETI journals and conferences.

It is a great honor and pleasure to send our most sincere and best wishes to all IETI members, and all academics and professionals everywhere, for a very Happy and Prosperous New Year

IETI Co-founders