Submitted Paper Guidelines

* The Plagiarism score of the camera-ready paper should be below 25%.

* All figures and tables should be numbered properly in order and captioned.

* All provided figures and tables in the paper should be cited in the text in appropriate places.

* The title of the paper and authors names and affiliations are correct with proper spacing and perfect details.

* The e-mail addresses of the corresponding author has been provided before the abstract.

* Title should be clear and reflect the content of the paper precisely.

* Author(s) name and affiliations are in order (Do not include the designation of authors such as Lecturer, Professor, Research scholar, student and so on..)

* Please do not include prefix to any authors such as Dr., Mr and so on.

* Please pay attention and ensure the language of the paper is good.

* Citations of the references in the body of the paper is in line with journal template.

* Proposed method has been clearly explained.

* The organization of the paper should be good.

* All the figures and graphs given in the paper are in good resolution.

* All the equations are typed using equation editor software.

* Please do not include the author(s) biography at the end of the paper.

* Please do not use first person pronouns such as I, we, us and extra throughout the paper.

* In the acknowledgement section, do not acknowledge the co-authors and also the affiliated Institute/centre.

MPC 2023

2023 4th International Conference on Materials, Physics and Computers (MPC 2023)

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