1 Indexes Policy

The Conference organizers will arrange the papers to be published on schedule, the publishers will submit all papers to SCI or EI Compendex or CPCI or other major databases. But organizers / publishers cannot promise any index services or time, because the index service companies has the final right to decide if the paper can be indexed. 

For example, Elsevier/EI Compendex Index: Elsevier reserves the right to change, modify, add, remove, hold, and/or discontinue coverage of any of the sources listed on the Source List, or to discontinue or delay publication of the Source List at its reasonable business discretion, at any time, and without prior notice. 

2 Indexes History

Event Time Event Acronym Indexes Duration (After Event) Online Time
26-27 Mar 2016 ICETI 2016, Wuhan CPCI (29 De 2016) CNKI Wanfang 227 days (CPCI) Atlantis (29 Mar 2016)
09-10 Jul 2016 ICEMI 2016, Wuhan CPCI (27 Oct 2016) CNKI Wanfang 109 days (CPCI) Atlantis (05 Aug 2016)
23-25 Dec 2016 ICIIP 2016, Wuhan EI (31 Mar 2017) ACMDL 96 days (EI) ACMDL (25 Feb 2017)
14-15 Jan 2017 ICEFS 2017, Hong Kong CNKI   Atlantis (09 Mar 2017)
20-21 May 2017 ICECSD 2017, Wuhan   Atlantis (13 Jul 2017)
Journal Title Publisher Indexes
IETI Transactions on Computers IETI Airiti BASE CNKI DOAJ Google Scholar
IETI Transactions on Sciences IETI Airiti CNKI
IETI Transactions on Business and Management Sciences IETI Airiti BASE CNKI DOAJ Google Scholar
IETI Transactions on Engineering Research and Practice IETI Airiti, DOI
IETI Transactions on Ergonomics and Safety IETI Airiti, DOI