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[4] Proceedings was online: http://www.atlantis-press.com/php/pub.php?publication=icecsd-17.

[3] For more CFPs, please visit: http://www.ieti.net/SCIEI.html

[2] 22 May 2017, ICECSD was reported by Wuhan University of Technology: http://wenfa.whut.edu.cn/Announce/ShowArticle.asp?ArticleID=12481

[1] 18 May 2017, The Conference will be held at Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan. For Program Book, please email to us.

Basic Information

Welcome to the official website of the 2017 International Conference on Education, Culture and Social Development - ICECSD 2017 (2017 2nd International Symposium on Multidisciplinary Inclusive Education, Management and Legal Services, ISMIEMLS 2017 ). ICECSD 2017 is organized by Higher Inclusive Education Resource Center, Wuhan University of Technology, it will be held in Wuhan, China from May 20-21, 2017.

The accepted papers will be published by Atlantis. Atlantis will submit the proceedings to CPCI (ISTP), and Organizing Committee will submit proceedings to CNKI and Wanfang and Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) for indexing. English is the official language of the conference. The conference is listed in IETI, ScienceNet, CNKI and Wanfang.

Past Events

The 1st ICEMI / ISMIEMLS 2016 was held in Wuhan. Attendees came from China, Portugal, Sir Lanka, and Sierra Leone.

Publishing and Indexes

Conference Proceedings was published by Atlantis: http://www.atlantis-press.com/php/pub.php?publication=icemi-16 (ACSR, ISSN 2352-538X, volume 57.)

The Conference Proceedings was indexed by



3 Wanfang Data