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The IETI Young Researcher Award is an initiative designed to recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of young scientists, engineers, and technologists. This award aims to honor individuals who have demonstrated innovative and impactful research contributions to their respective fields, while also making sustained and dedicated contributions to the International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI).

All scholars are encouraged to nominate their peers for the Young Researcher Award. The Award Committee meticulously selects awardees based on their achievements in science, engineering, and technology, as well as their ongoing commitment to the institute.

How to be the award winner?
. Eligibility: The award is open to PhD holders under the age of 45 who have conducted innovative and impactful research with a positive global influence.
. Experience and Publications: Candidates should have research experience at renowned universities or research institutions, have published significant papers in their field, and have actively participated in or led pertinent research projects.
. Documentation: A complete resume and a concise biography (not exceeding 400 words) are required, showcasing the candidate's career achievements and contributions to their field.
. Research Output: Submission of five or more representative research papers is essential. These papers should highlight the candidate's research excellence and contributions to their area of expertise.
. Nomination: Each candidate must be nominated by two senior researchers, ensuring that nominees are recognized by their peers for their achievements and potential.
. Selection: Annually, 3 to 6 winners are selected for this award. In instances where the exact standards are not fully met by any nominee, the candidate that most closely matches the criteria may be chosen.

Important Dates
For details on submission deadlines, the nomination process, and the announcement of winners, please consult our latest announcement. This ensures all potential nominees and nominators are well-informed of the key dates and requirements for the IETI Young Researcher Award.

2024 Announcement
Nominations are invited for the 2024 year. The deadline for nominations is on September 30 2024. Please send the nomination package by email to info#ieti.net. The awardee will be announced before December 31 2024.

2022 IETI Young Researcher Award Winners:

Rita Yi Man Li (Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong, China)
Daniele Benetti (McGill University, Canada)
Mirabbos Hojamberdiev (Uzbekistan-Japan Innovation Center of Youth, Uzbekistan)
Stephen Chan (American University of Sharjah, UAE)
David Xuefeng Shao (The University of Newcastle, Australia)
News: http://www.ieti.net/news/detail.aspx?id=308

2023 IETI 2nd Young Researcher Award Winners:

Jianhua Guo (University of Queensland, Australia)
Xuesong Zhai (Zhejiang University, China)
Otilia Manta (Romanian Academy, Romania)
Yi Li (University of Sydney, Australia)
Muhammad Imran Khan (CECOS University, Pakistan)
Cong Xu (University of Nuremberg Erlangen, Germany)
News: http://www.ieti.net/news/detail.aspx?id=335

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