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Eligibility Requirements:

The IETI PhD Fellowship Award is mainly awarded to doctoral students and scholars who have completed their doctoral studies within 1 year of graduation. Awards are given through our award committee, to evaluate the scholar's learning, research, grants, awards, international cooperation, and social services.

Applicants need to provide information:
1) Prove that you are enrolled in the doctoral degree or within 1 year of graduation.
2) A complete resume and short bio (less than 400 words).
3) Two or more representative research papers.
4) One Letter of recommendation from a senior researcher.
For important dates, please read our latest announcement.

2022 1st IETI PhD Fellowship Award Winner(s)

Abdellatif Boutiara, University of Ghardaia, Algeria
Mohammed K A Kaabar, University of Malaya, Malaysia
Lei Tong, Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok, Thailand

2023 Announcement

Nominations are invited for the 2023 year. The deadline for nominations is on September 30 2023. Please send the nomination package by email to info#ieti.net. The awardee will be announced before December 31 2023.

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